Yesterday – (can skip. boring)

I didn’t get a chance to post last night. in the past I would beat myself up over it and give up but not this time. My moods have started levelling out a bit from the week of motivation but I intend on powering through. I’m still sticking to my schedule for the most part, i got up a bit later than I intended to this morning. Still up a lot earlier than I normally would be though.

Yesterday I went through my schedule as follows:

08.00 – get up and eat a breakfast of porridge with banana and nuts, a big cup of water and some lemon green tea.

08.30 – I walked the dogs.

9.30 – I was supposed to start writing as soon as I got in but got distracted doing dishes and other chores.

11.00 – finally started writing.

So far, I have discovered my characters, setting and basic plot. My next step after work today is to plan out a timeline and scene outline.

14.00 – went shopping to pick up food.

16.00 – had a bath

16.30 – prepared food

17.00 – watched hunger (2008; Steve McQueen)

18.30 – played games

00.00 -bed

I’m pretty sure I didn’t play games for 5 hours so I have missed something out somewhere but I can’t think.

This post is particularly boring but I have to go to work and wanted to stay consistent.




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