Spanners in works.

Today was not at all as productive as I intended. I got called into work due to someone calling in sick, on the plus side I surpassed all work targets so that’s some pressure off.

Breaking sceduale threw my whole day into disarray, and even after i got home (after another wasted hour food shopping) I couldn’t get back into the rythem of things. No creative writing got done which is very disappointing, also the dogs didn’t get their morning walk. Back on the ball tomorrow.

I did however manage to get a few more sections read of “writers little helper” with some interesting points on structure, beginnings and endings. 

I am writing this is bed on the app so hopefully my phone doesn’t cause any format issues. I dont really know what else to day for today. I hope this blog gets more interesting for people. It all seems like jibberish. 



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