Off the Wagon of Self Improvment.

Yesterday was another write off schedule wise and today hasn’t been a great start.

I went into work early yesterday to cover another illness. I had a pretty good day targets wise, further reducing the stress of targets. On the downside it messed up my scheduling again. once i got home, that old thorn procrastination burrowed in. “I’ll have my dinner then write.” “i should watch a film while i eat.” “it’s too late now I’ll go to bed.” is how the internal conversation went. To make matters worse i woke up late this morning feeling sluggish and tired. This could be to do with the donut i decided to treat myself to yesterday (naughty) and the shitty frozen chicken burgers i had for dinner.  NTS stop eating processed, frozen shit.

I eventually dragged myself out of my Gollum pit and followed my usual routine. i had a healthy breakfast and took the dogs for a walk. looking at it even though it has only been a week or so i think this is the longest i have stuck to a routine (pretty much) since before sixth form. I must be getting better to some extent even if it’s slowly. I also havent wrote this frequently without a deadline nipping at my heels. It isn’t what i should be writing but old habits die-hard and new ones take time. At least my procrastination is productive, to an extent. I have a week off coming up so apart from my sisters visit at the weekend i should be able to get my routine back on track.

reading back over this i realise it is just word-vomit of my current musings. I am a better writer and more interesting that these post would suggest, promise. Right now I need to just get into a pattern of writing everyday, even if it is just this whiney drivel. check back for more interesting content soon!


P.S. I am trying a new app on top of Fabulous named HabitBull. It allows a more self-created set of goals, it is however not as in-depth or leading as Fabulous.

P.P.S. The Film I watched was called “Before I Fall” it is Mean Girls via Groundhog Day. Entertaining in a trashy way and an easy background/brain-dead movie. Good message and character development. i give it six Brapples.



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