Guilty Pleasures

I sit here half pissed. I have just revisited Romeo + Juliet for the first time in a while and it got me thinking about guilty pleasures. You see i have a dark secret, a secret that many around me would be shocked to the point of “Ring Face” to discover. I am a romantic, hopelessly, sickening so. For someone who appears so closed and uncomfortable with emotions, boy can i swoon.

My main vice is tortured love, the times when the star-crossed lovers never manage to happily be together or to be with each other has consequences. whenever i envision romance in the many stories in my head (that i am never going to write) it is always this way. they never get to be happy. I blame my crippling pessimism. I know that this is so high school angst/ edgy creative student bull shit but it always get me, and i imagine always will.


Procrastination Nation and Other Stories

Hey WordPress it’s been a while. Don’t worry it wasn’t you, its me. It’s just I’ve had a lot going on you know, I just couldn’t really commit to anything right now. I had like a work thing, then my sister was over and then, and then, and then nothing…

As you can probably tell I fell of my schedule big time. I went to a work night out two weeks ago and since then all plans went kaput. A few days of heavy drinking really puts life on the back burner. It really knocked me for a while no wonder alcoholics lives fall apart.

This means here is not to update on the creative front. I’ve slowly been building back to “The Schedule” over the past few days. The early night, early mornings, (though not as early as I should be) eating breakfast (but not as much fruit) and I’ve read a bit, listened to a fair few writing podcasts. So basically half arsing what I started a few weeks ago. Still trying to remain positive though.

I’ve still done nothing creative, my self set deadline is up in the next couple of days and the fear is creeping in but I won’t let it get me. Not today Satan. I’ve also just read Max Landis’ Power Rangers script which has given me screen writing tingles. I sort of fell out of love with screen writing after university but I’m Kinda feeling it, it was a fun read. That should have been the new movie, more interesting scenes, more developed characters and better jokes. Speaking of Power Rangers, I downloaded a stupid freemium app and the nostalgia is strong.

I’m going through a Power Rangers thing. I’m going to bed now, I think mania is setting in, I just wanted to get something on here.


V x